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JUNE 30 - JULY 02

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From its humble beginnings in 1992, Kammerchor Manila (KM) has evolved to become one of the Philippines’ premier chamber choir today by sharing its long tradition of excellent choral music as a commitment of service to God. Through the years, its membership grew by accommodating people from all walks of life who wishes to share their talent and expertise while strengthening their ties with God.

Currently under the musical tutelage of Mr. Anthony G. Villanueva, Kammerchor Manila has engaged itself in music festivals, distinguished occasions and goodwill tours in Hong Kong, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Switzerland, Italy, the Vatican, and Czech Republic. 

Kammerchor Manila turns silver this year in celebrating 25 years of excellence in choral music, friendship and in service to God through the Catholic Church. Argentum encapsulates the musical treasures of Kammerchor Manila that have always been worth sharing to family, friends, and lovers of music.

As part of this momentous occasion, the choir will be travelling for its 4th European Tour to perform to audiences in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Catch the choir in concerts as posted in the schedule above. 

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